Anderson Landscape uses only top quality materials in all their projects and we make those available in bulk for delivery or pick up.  If what you need is not listed, please give us a call and we can get almost any material you may need.

landscape materials

Dark Bark Mulch

An all-natural blend of spruce and fir barks that are aged to a rich, dark brown color without any colorants. This mulch compliments any garden or landscape project.

Performance Mulch

A 50/50 blend of aged pine bark and high quality, nutrient-rich compost. An ideal mulch for all applications where soil enrichment is desired.


A mixture of clay, sand, and silt. Commonly used for soil enrichment, moisture retention in garden beds and newly installed lawns.


A mixture of decayed organic matter used for fertilizing and soil enrichment. We offer Earth Life Organic Compost that offers consistent quality high organic content microbial life and valuable slow-release nutrients. Suitable for vegetable gardens.

Erosion Mulch

A coarse bark mulch composed of partially composted bark, sand and wood fragments. Suitable for erosion control on hills and bankings.

hardscape materials

Pea Stone

3/8” crushed stone. Commonly used for driveways and drip edges.

Stone Dust

A fine dust produced from stones. It is highly compactable and stable. Commonly used for bases in hardscape projects and paths.

3/4″ Stone

Rough screened stone.  Used for driveways, drip edges, drainage and as a base layer.

Screened Sand

A fine screened sand with no stone or rocks. Suitable for sand boxes, septic systems and drainage.

how much material do I need?

Use the calculator below to help determine how much material you need.

Order options


Delivery times vary due to work flow but are typically done on Fridays.  Please call the week prior to your desired delivery and we will try to accommodate your request. We deliver to North Yarmouth, Pownal, Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth. Deliveries start at $55.

Customer Pickup

Monday through Friday 7:30 AM or 4:30 PM.
Please call first to make sure that there is someone available to help load.