Landscape design

Jenn Buchanan heads up design at Anderson Landscape. She works closely with clients through every phase of a project, from site planning, concept design, materials selection, and installation.  After understanding  client goals and performing  a thorough site analysis, her process leads to the exploration of multiple design solutions. The most promising ideas are then presented  in the form of conceptual drawings. This important exercise provides clients with options that might not have been identified and ensures the final plan incorporates all  desired elements.  In a collaborative way, she works through this design process to unite client visions with a philosophy that highlights function, flexibility, site sensitivity and aesthetics. The end result is a plan that weaves these details into distinctive outdoor spaces that provide year-round enjoyment and lasting beauty.

Landscape Architecture  such as Walkways, Patios, Retaining Walls, Patios, Arbors and other landscape features – the bones of the garden.

Master Plans that can be phased over time.

Garden Design with a focus on incorporating native plants, providing year-round interest and ease of maintenance.

Lighting Design to highlight architectural elements, draw attention to specimen trees and plants, create ambiance in outdoor living spaces and to designate entrances and pathways.

Consultation to address and resolve problems related to existing landscapes and/or collaborate in the early stages of new home construction.

Project Management to oversee design execution, provide client communication and ensure a smooth installation.