A seawall’s primary purpose is to assist in bank stabilization, helping to reduce the erosion of soils, and the risk of property loss. Anderson Landscape provides its customers with a wide range of seawall options, including hard engineered shore based structures, as well as soft engineered coastal management options such as beach replenishment and planting.

Hard Engineered Seawall Solutions:

Anderson Landscape has become increasingly involved with stabilization projects located on Maine’s coastlines. Hardscape materials have included granite, rip rap, concrete, toe rock and more. These walls not only act as barriers from our oceans and lakes, providing defense against the actions of tides and waves, they provide a beautiful transition between nature and constructed landscape.

Soft Engineering Seawall Solutions:

The stability of coastal banks made up of loose materials such as sand, rocks, or soils can also be greatly improved by plants. A thickly planted area can prevent the surface runoff of rainwater or snow melt from creating gullies or ruts in the bank. Planting also reduces the risk of landslides, slumps and bank collapse. Anderson Landscape can provide you not only with an aesthetically beautiful coastal garden but a confidence that your property will remain for years to come.

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